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Powerlifting & Kettlebelling


I am 38 years old next week and have trained 23 years mainly bodybuilding style. My purpose now is to get stronger and at some day compete f.g. in raw bench & dead contest. This is my basic template:


Bench Press Exercise 2-3 x 1-10
Squat, Deadlift or Good Morning Exercise 2-3 x 1-10

Rest 1-2 days


A few sets of Kettlebell Long Cycle/Jerk and Snatch/Swing.

Rest 1-2 days


23rd Sep 2009 BW 98

KB Long Cycle 2x24kg 2x10
KB Snatch 1x24kg 2x32 (8L+8R+8L+8R)

Uh! LC is the most exhausting exercise! Nice, hard sets…although I strained my left bicep in Snatch - body not quite ready for explosive lifts. Ice & Emulgel.


25th Sep 2009 BW ?

Soon to be reported…