Powerlifting Jedi or Sith

I would never recommend singles when training to build strength. I would train in the 2 to 4 rep range. Save the singles for the meet.

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I know there are some opportunities for improving your squat if you are tall with long legs. But you are neither of those.

It even seem odd, based on my observation through the years, that a rather short person with short limbs can deadlift 100lb more than he can squat. Usually that type person can squat more than they can deadlift.

What style deadlift do you use?
Do you use the same foot width squatting as you do deadlifting?

A video of both would be instructive.

Oh really? I didn’t feel like you were harsh at all. I wasn’t being sarcastic or anything. I appreciate the advice.

I should have explained better though LOL This is the first time in over a year that I’ve done singles. How I build my cycles: it’s always a three day split, and the first lift is heavy squat, bench, dead. I would say most often I’m doing 5x5, sometimes 6x3, right now it’s like 8 singles. First week or two, probably 80% of max, tough but not horrible. I keep increasing the weight each week until I start failing, push until I am feeling that ‘overtrained’ feeling, then deload and start over with a slightly different rep range. After the primary lift each day, everything else is supplementary. Like the Hack Squats, I’m working on pressing evenly on my foot, activating the quad, stuff like that. Pause bench, I’m working on pulling with the lats on the eccentric and using leg drive. But I do think it’s important to use different rep ranges throughout the week. Texas Method does that a lot, and Daily Undulating.

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I compete raw, just belt and sleeves.

It’s sound advice. I spent the part six months of so doing mostly 5s so I wanted to do one cycle of singles to practice being under some heavier weight. I’ve never been good about growing into the meet or peaking. I moderately test my 1RM every six months or so.

I deadlift conventional, no straps, just a belt and chalk. My stance is narrow on deads, arms shoulder width and legs just inside my arms so they are touching.

For Squat I have goo shoulder mobility so my low bar is very low on my back, shoulder width foot stance, flat shoes, lots of posterior drive.

I don’t have any recent videos but I can work on that.

Sorry bro, forgot to reply to this. I add weights to my chins :slight_smile: it’s probably the thing that gets me the most “oh shit” looks at the gym. That and my deadlifts. I’m not at your friends level though. I think I can do 5 with 90lbs around my waist. Right now I’m doing sets of 8 with 35lbs

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I bet the weight too. Seems like the only way I progress on them.