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Powerlifting is Awesome!


Did my first ever PL meet today and it was an incredible experience.

New PR's on all three lifts.

The amount of friendship/camaraderie was amazing. Everyone was so nice and I had way more fun that I thought I would.

Thats about it really. Just wanted to say that now I know why people get hooked on this stuff.


Glad you had a good time. if you don't mind me asking. What did you lift?


it was great. I'm seriously pumped on it. Always trained "bodybuilder" style (although I have no desire to be a BBer) but hit up 531 for 6 weeks to get ready for the meet. Got some good tips in my log from DixiesFinest, InkAddict, Nlmain, 165StateChamp and others... had a blast.

hit PR's in all 3 lifts

445 squat (a lot left in the tank unfortunately)
340 Bench
475 DL

nothing earth shattering by any means but I was happy. Body Weight was 212


Welcome to the Darkside my friend, great job at the meet, and you know youre hooked on this now.


Glad you had a great experience, spread the word and welcome to the club (of those who actually compete vs those who talk about what would happen if they did compete).


One of the reasons I want to move out of Greece is because there are no powerlifting meets here...Good job gregron!


Great Job!


Great job bud. Plan on doing another? Making the transition to PL full time?


DF, hahah thanks for all your tips. Really helped out a lot.

Tim, Oh I am spreading the word alright. I'm trying to get a couple of my buddies to start training PL style so they can do a meet with me next time. Glad to be part of the club.

niksamaras, that sucks that there are not PL meets over there. Maybe you could start that up? That would be pretty cool.

BCT, Appreciate it.

LiquidMerc, Thanks a lot. I dont have a plan right now to do one but most definitely will. Probably some time in the spring cause I'm getting married in December and things are crazy right now. I dont think I'll transition to PL full time really but I'm definitely going to keep working on getting stronger. I'd like to lean out a little bit now though.

Heres the video of my lifts from the meet if anyone is interested.


Awesome singlet to go with an awesome moustache.

Not that you asked for it but here are some of my thoughts on your lifts...

Get some band squats in or some clam shells. You've got some slight valgus in your knee coming out of the hole.
You definitely can get a lot tighter in your upper back as well for squat.

Board presses for your bench. Looks like you stall out some right around a 2.5 board area, maybe even a 3 board. You're very quick off your chest, just need to get those triceps going.

Head up on your pulls and pack the neck. Get those hips lower, maybe consider bringing your stance in 2 inches or so. Deficit pulls are likely to help you get into the correct position here.

All and all congrats on your performance and the experience bud!


Thanks for the advice. I was training BB style and only started prepping for the meet 6 weeks ago when I decided I was going to do it. I know my technique definitely needs some work. Appreciate the tips my friend. Thanks!


The BB style probably is what makes you so good off your chest in your bench. As said in that article today by Dave Tate, powerlifting is about 70% technical. You'll really start throwing up some big numbers once you fix the technical stuff.


Thats awesome man! Ive only done one meet myself. have my next one nov 5th. have you tried ammonia yet? LOL


Good stuff Gregon. What federation was it that you were raw but had some sleeves your knees?


The video says it was the SPF open.


lol that singlet omg I <3 teh gregronz


Yeah, seriously, where'd you get your singlet? I want to compete next year and I'm thinkin' that's what I wanna wear hahaha.

Solid lifting, too. Pretty impressive for your first meet. Your squats were freakin' awesome. Good luck in your lifting and your wedding!



Thanks everyone. Yeah it was an SPF meet. Apparently it was the first ever SPF meet in Southern California. Some guy opened with a 980 squat. INSANE! hahaha

I havent tried any ammonia but I wish I would have had some. I was going to pick some up for the DL's but I never ended up doing it and ran out of time. Couldnt order any. Oh well.

Yeah I was lifting raw. You could use knee wraps/sleeves, wrist wraps and a belt for the raw division. Those sleeves are just neoprene 10 dollar ones from Sports Authority. They just help keep my knees warm.

Glad you guys liked the singlet. It was a big hit at the meet. I was the only person not wearing a black singlet lol. I just found it online and ordered it. It was a replica of the 1992 US Olympic Wrestling teams uni's. Classic!


Well done sir. :slight_smile:


Awesome vids! Keep up the good work!