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Powerlifting is a Dangerous Sport!




Now that's what I call "using your head."

Gotta practice with those bench shirts, they can be tricky!


That guy is a dumbass


Dude, that's pretty messed up right there!


he tried to bounce the weight off his head, what a cheater


good thing he wasn't trying for more weight


Come on WL412, don't sugar-coat it. Tell us how you really feel. We can take it.


Those two guys totally suck as spotters. Nothing like being 5 min. late on catching the bar.

Heard in the backgound: "dude, I didn't think he was going to drop it".


I agree with Road Warrior: what spotters!!!! The guy's IQ must've dropped after being hit with that lol.


beefcake, is that YOU?! So much for the MD/PhD... You should still be able to handle Med school tho.


That's not me benching. Although i have had a few close calls in the gym. This sort of crap happens when you aren't used to a new shirt or the shirt is not fitted all the way. Sometimes as you come up, the bar drifts out of 'the groove' (the path where the shirt helps the most) and the bar lands you in a position where hte shirt isn't helping you at all.



Surely that can't be because of a new shirt or he went out of the groove. It dropped so dramatically onto his head surely he was just uisng WAY too much weight? Also the spotters sucked ass they should have been at least able to slow the bar down.


It couldn't have been an issue with the weight. It looked to me like this guy didn't have a clue how to set his shirt into the groove. I've had the weight fall backwards off the bubble on the way UP but I've never seen it fall off on the way down.


Shirts make benching safe :slightly_smiling:



I was a spotter/loader at a meet for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

It was pretty intense, I didnt want to fuck up and hurt somebody.

Some dude on his first attempt lowers the weight and it fires back over then down towards his head we catch it and save his ass! Everyone looks at me like good work! You ok?, I was it wasnt hard just scarry, if we missed that guy was toast it was over 500 lbs.

So he comes out again and everyone is looking at me and saying quietly "be ready" then did want to say outright "Look out this nut case is using weight he is no where near ready for!"

For his second attempt he went heavier! It was just as bad as the first, comes out again and tries the same weight mabe more I didnt notice. Same result we saved his ass again.

Fuck me, it was an intresting first.


I personally have had the bar fall on me on the way down. I hit me below my sternum. I did this in the warm up room at USAPL bench nationals in the warmup room.



His spotters look like scarecrows and probably couldn't handle the weight either. Were did they find those bone-heads? I'd recommend at least having spotters that can handle a little weight.