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Powerlifting in the High-Five State


Hey is anyone at T-Nation a powerlifter in the middle part of Michigan? if you live around the tri-cities PM me or something. Im looking for a new group of people to train with.


I just clicked to find out what the hi-five state was.



Where are you at specifically? I know Smitty's in Midland is pretty good place to train. Bay City has a decent one too I believe, not sure where though. I'm stuck in a 'Fitness Center' but they have a squat rack and no hardly uses it so I can't complain that much.


lol i train at smittys. i used to train with some national guys and yes, i got a few hands on tips by josh mcmillan, we was cool. anyways, they all left cuz they were sick of matt smith. i started to train with him, and now I'M getting sick of him


Ya I know Matt. I heard Mcmillan and a few others started a garage gym, took their glute-ham and some bars and stuff they kept there. That would be a good group to train with, I know a couple of them are sponsored by elite. Doubt they let just anyone in though.

I can't say I agree with everything Smitty does, but he's better than a lot of people I see. If you are into powerlifting too, he does have a nice bit of experience to be able to help you out there. If you are sick of training with him, I'd just stop training with him but stay at the gym - he's got a REAL nice setup there compared to most.


lol again, i startdd powerlifting cuz of the guys that left. it was josh, clint weler, and dirk debose, and a couple others. im calling them this week to see if i can lol. they saw potential at the time in me, so i think that if i ask them , they might let me come back and train with them. where do you train at? do you train down in flushing?


Oh I didn't know Dirk left too. Good luck with that...I know if I started a garage gym it would be to get away from the people at the gym, but I guess if you did train with them a bit you might have an in.

No, I have an apt in Frankenmuth and lift at the fitness center in town - no music and most of the time you are surrounded by people in the 50-80 year old range. Think I can count the number of times I have seen someone squat or deadlift on one hand. Not the most conducive to training but like I said there is a squat rack that is usually open I can use and it's convenient. If I didn't hate driving so much I'd most likely be lifting at Smittys instead.