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Powerlifting in Terre Haute?

Hi everyone. I am a student at Indiana State. I have been interested in powerlifting for a long time. I was wondering is there a more experienced powerlifter who would not mind taking some time out of their day to teach a newbie the ropes. I will try to work with your schedule to make it as convenient as I can for you and I will obtain a LE Club membership. Thanks in advance for anyone who respond.

Not familiar with Indiana, but maybe one of these is nearby

Iron Pit Gym Bloomington IN
Ironhorse Gym Muncie IN
Last Rep Gym Dyer IN
Main Street Gym Madison IN
Meadors Fitness Center Lawrencburgh IN
Powerhouse Gym Kokomo IN
The Indy Gym Indianapolis IN
The Pit Barbell Club Evansville IN

Contact info for each can be found on powerlifting watch, www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/4420