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Powerlifting in San Diego?


Hey everyone. This is my first post. hopefully i wont embarass myself. Ive lived in san diego for several years now and have been looking for powerlifters or for a powerlifting gym to no avail. I tried kegrice awhile back but when I drove there the building was closed down. I dont know. Anyways, if anyone here trains in san diego or knows where to go any info would help. stay strong fellas


They started of the Super Hero thing at the World Gym in PB

You might want to check that out


You have two choices. Kegrice is still open as far as I know, running out of the back of a exercise equipment store in Chula Vista. Can't remember the name, but if you pm me, I'll give you his email address and you can shoot him an email. I don't know if he's taking on new members. If you want longer hours and more flexibility on when you can go in, World Gym PB is the place to go. There's a monolift and a good group of powerlifters that train there (usually MWF at around 6). Even if they're not around, there is usually someone strong around for a good spot.


What part of town do you live in?


just south of miramar


I used to go to world gym in PB. Great gym but more tailored to bodybuilding rather than powerlifting. They don't have chains, bands, dead lift jacks, lifting platforms, and the squat racks used in PL meets. Still, plenty of other stuff there that will get you strong as hell.

I'm wondering myself where a real PL gym would be in SD. I haven't heard of one but I haven't finished reading this thread either.


What's "the Super Hero thing." Is it like Halloween, where the guys workout in Batman and Superman outfits and the gals workout as Wonder Woman and Cat Woman?


T-Nation did that "Super Hero" kick off for Stan McQuay, Gina and Jelena and they kicked it off at the World Gym in PB. There is a thread about it.


World Gym PB now has a monolift, chains, bands, adjustable box (from Elite), dl platform, dl jacks, reverse hyper and one bench that is competition spec. Only thing they're really missing is a gh raise.


Too bad they didn't have that stuff when I was a member. I would of been all over it.