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Powerlifting in NorCal

Hey Ericka… so you live in Manteca?

I grew up in Newman. I now live in SF so it takes about 30-40 min to get the Diablo.

I was talkin to Ted and we thought it would be pretty cool to see someone come in from Manteca. It takes a lot of determination and desire to do that type of commute.

Whether or not you join (I certainly hope you do) I’m glad to see you join the powerlifting crowd.

Bobu-I already made arrangements with my daughter’s babysitter and I will hopefully be able to get out there a minimum of 3-4 times per week. I am extremely determined and I hope that I will be able to start training out there before the end of this week. Just out of curiosity…do any women train there?

yes, i believe there are a few, but they aren’t serious powerlifters. you would be the first.

again, i applaud your determination and drive.

you will be a great addition to the team and will definitely push some of the lazy asses that sometimes don’t show up.

I can see it already, “Ericka shows up and she drives from manteca. What the hell is your excuse?”

I train at a small gym in Avon called Training Zone. Where to you train?

NN, I’m on the Ball State Powerlifting team, so I spend most of my time training in the athletic weightroom there. When I’m back home I either lift in my garage or the shitty “fitness center” in Lebanon. If I end up going home for the summer there’s no way that I’m going to spend another three months training there. How’s your gym in Avon?

Hey Bobu I talked to Ted today and I am all set to start on Saturday!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you so much.

great… Ted told me today that you’d be starting soon.

I’ll see you on Sat then.

Daox, Avon is decent, it has what I need. It is very small though. I bet BSU is a nice place to powerlift. I went to Marian College their weightroom is about the size of your bathroom probably. Very small. 3 benches, very few free weights, 2 squat racks, 1 leg press, few Nautilus machines. It sucked trust me. I had to break down and get a membership at Bally’s.

nastynaptown i sent you a pm…if you want to train with us we would love to have you…we want as many guys as we can get…let me know…ross