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Powerlifting in NorCal

I am very interested in getting started in powerlifting and training to compete. However, I have searched all over northern california and have been unable to locate any clubs or real gyms that focus on this sort of training. Anyone in NorCal have any recommendations?

I’m having the same problem in So.Cal. All of the “hard core” training seems to be coming from the Mid/East coast. I know there are some HardCore West Coast Athletes and coaches, it just doesn’t seem to be as mainstream or as advanced.

Also looking in the north bay area (Santa Rosa). I moved up here w/ a good home gym. Looking for like minded lifters in the area is tough. Too many triathletes

Yeah I know what you guys mean. I was talking to one of the trainers at my gym that I am friends with and I mentioned to him what I wanted to do. After he got over his initial shock he offered to help but when I told him I wanted to start training westside he had no idea what I was talking about. Needless to say my search continues. I would at least love to find a good coach to train with. I am extremely coachable, and am willing to work my ass off to get where I need to go.

oh im sure you can find a good gym in the bay. but nothing within an hour of manstinka.

the problem for me and ericka is that there is no ghr bench or reverse hyper within 100 miles. and if i were to stroll into my health club with some bands and chains in my hands theyd call 911.

Cum to Indy I’ll be more than happy to train you.

I don’t know area you are referring to when you say No. Cal. Here in Sacramento, we have a powerlifting club called Body Tribe Fitness (916) 444-2384.

I’m in the mid-peninsula area (Redwood City). At the 24 Hr Fatness I go to, several other lifters keep hyping how great this former olympic coach (Jim Schmitz) is.
Check out http://www.sportspalace.org/
Don’t know if you’re close to either of his locations (SF or SSF).

Have the problem in SoCal (Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa area), - I would love to find a Strongman training facility but cant seem to locate one…

Diablo Barbell… nuff said.

Check out the website www.diablobarbell.com

i have posted pics of the gym in the photo section i believe. just do a search on diablo barbell.

it’s located in concord and we have everything…

monolift, ghr, reverse hyper, powerracks, deadlift station, 2 tires to flip, sleds, etc etc.

You can also call Ted O’Neill the president of Diablo Barbell. 925 685 8818. Tell them Ken directed you there.

Jim Schmitz is an olympic lifting coach. He does not train powerlifters.

I used to work with the guy and he’s real cool, but he’s strictly an olympic lifting coach. I’ve never seen him do or talk about a box squat.

Thanks everyone. I am definatley going to give Diablo a call. Thanks Bobu. I actually live in the central valley near Stockton.

Nastynaptown, where in Indy do you train?

No problem Ericka… you’re gonna love the place.

Hope you checked out some of the pics.

Oh yeah thanks for bumping the pics. I am excited already. I live in Manteca so it’s a little bit of a drive but I figure I can at least get 2 or 3 days there per week and keep the basics up at my local gym.

The ghr and reverse hyper are damn good at what they do, no doubt, but they are far from irreplaceable. I have increased my squat over 100 pounds in six months, and Goldberg is gonna squat 750 pretty soon, and neither of us use either of these.

As for the bands and chains, they aren’t really necessary either, but if you do use them and you get shit from people, don’t worry about it. Wear headphones if it bothers you.

Sorry Ericka that I couldn’t contribute to your Q. The best of luck to you.


yeah exactly ryn! im just going to have to sub rdl’s, and back extensions.

P-dg, :wink:

RDL’s are good, but really will burn out your cns if you use them too much.

I do a lot of pull-throughs, back extensions, dimels, and even step-ups, as my quads can become a weakness rather quickly if I’m not careful (believe it or not.)

The best though is pull-throughs with a band. Just choke it around something low, and put it around your neck… I hope you like a sore lower back.

Ericka’s gonna make a hot PLer…,

i think ill be pretty good at this pl thing. ive been training strictly for hypertrophy for the last 2 months (10-12 rep range) and i threw up 335 on the bench today with no problem. obviously not spectacular but i think its a good base to start from.

next goal 400lbs!

Thanks Ryan.