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Powerlifting in New Orleans.

A friend of mine is in NO atm, any good suggestions on gyms for a high lvl powerlifter?

Wade Hooper trains in NO…

There are alot of top notch powerlifters in N.O: Jesse Kellum, Jack Reape and many others. Kellum is one of the best of all-time. Contact Jack, he posts on here and has his own thread.


PM me.

Jesse is up on North Shore in Mandeville.

Dr Rico Impastato, Powerlifter and a great Chiro, trains in Metarie.

I am on the Westbank at the Navy Bases.

May 5 is Biggest BP on River, about the Best BP meet in the World!


[quote]tigerak02 wrote:
Wade Hooper trains in NO…


To the best of my knowledge Wade Hooper trains in Baton Rouge.

my fault, the cities are not too far apart though.