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Powerlifting In Michigan

Hey guys,
I was wondering if any of you guys currently train as a team. I am looking to train with older more experienced lifters since my school does not have a team, and since none of my family lifts. If any of you live in the southwest Michigan area I would like to know, and if you guys have a couple of buddies that train together that would be real cool too.

send Matt Kroc an email, he might hook you up with some PL gyms there.

Are you close to Detroit? Check out Detroit barbell. Also, there is a PL gym finder on powerliftingwatch.com that might help you as well.

I’m in the grand haven/spring lake area in pretty much the same situation. Where are u

There used to be a gym/group that trained in Paw Paw back when I was at WMU. No idea if that group/gym still exists though.

shoot me a PM if you get a group going, I’m in the same area as you OP