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Powerlifting in Combination with EMS

Hello, i am from Germany and i’am 33 Years Old
I do Powerlifting for 7 Years (Hobbylifter),
I want to know if it’s possible do a combination with ems and classical weightlifting ? i’ve tried different programms Dogg Crapp and also a Powerlifting Routine from T-Nation
My Personal Record’s Raw for Deadlift in HIT Style
was 187 Kg for six times (1RM)
Bench 110 Kg for 3 times(1RM)
Squat 140 Kg x 3 Multipress (1RM)
after this Period i’ve tried Strongliftlift 5x5 Programm for 3 months 3 times a week and in this time i don’t get stronger i’ve get weaker.
It totaly knocked me out and i feelt weak
Routine A:
Squat 5x5
Benchpress 5x5
Barbell Row 5x5
Bizeps curls 2x8
Routine B:
Squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
Militarypress 5x5
Trizeps curls (skullcrusher) 2x8
I want to know more about Powerlifting in combination with ems… Can you help me ?
Best Regards from Germany

What is EMS? Emergency medical services?


That’s what it means here anyways…

If you can expand on what EMS means in training and I’m sure someone can help.

Like the guys have said, we have no idea what you mean by EMS. Electrical Muscle Stimulation, maybe? You didn’t mention it anywhere in the post, so we’re gonna need more info before giving advice.

Also not really sure what you mean by “classical weightlifting”. Powerlifting? Olympic weightlifting? Help us out, man.

Electrical muscle stimulation could be what he’s referring. I believe the Russians experimented with this years ago. There’s actually a default setting in most e stim machines called Russian stim and it’s pretty intense to use.

If that’s what he’s talking about, I’ve used it with stroke rehab but don’t know how ppl use it directly in training for weight lifting.

Powerlifting The Rules of the Three

What does that mean? Is that a program or something?

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“EMS” stands for “Erection Management Software”. From this, it’s clear what OP is trying to communicate.