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Powerlifting in Arlington, VA

Saw some threads on this topic from ~2 years ago and am writing to see if anything’s changed. Would have like to PM some of the contributors to those threads but as a new member I don’t have permission to. GV777, VTBalla34, Animus, among others.

Anyway, I recently moved to the area and am looking for a gym and people to train with. I’m 29 and have 3 years of experience but just 1 competition completed so far, competition lifts of 303# squat, 402# DL, and 237# bench (181# weight class).

If anybody has any suggestions please let me know, thanks!

I lift at Fitness First in Courthouse. Usually in the evenings. You’re welcome to come by any time.

I train at the Golds off of South Glebe Road, normally in the evenings as well.

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. Either of you planning to work out this evening? As long as I’m home by 10 I don’t care what time. If so, shoot me an email to my gmail account, username is reidsinbox.

Love to see Team Force representing

Trained with Hops last night. Are we planning on doing the American Challenge in June? We talked about that a bit.

Yes, American Challenge in June is a go for most members