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Powerlifting Holes in VA/MD/DC?

My workout partner and I are practically at wits end. We train at the Golds in Ballston, Arlington , and since we are 9-5, we get there at peak hours (6pm).

It’s not the fact that it is beyond capacity crowded, I can deal with that. It’s the fact that it’s the wrong kind of crowded. Waiting 15 minutes for a squat rack because they are taken up by an assortment of the half-rep squatters and tiny pencilnecks with 6 minute rest breaks between their shrugs with 95 lbs.

We just can’t take it. I am doing my best to locate a smaller venue filled with like minded lifters, a camaraderie of similar spirit, but to no avail. Can you guys pass on any recommendations for something not too far from Northern VA? I just want to be around guys who share my passion for lifting, rather than weave throughout the grudging masses that hate being there, and take it out by being the most obnoxious pricks in the universe.

Ohhhhh…THAT gym. I’m sorry, Man. I’ve driven by there on many occasions and seen the fat sweaty guys on the ellipticals by the front window and the skinny guys with tribal tattoos in Under Armour smoking in the parking lot before their workout. I used to live in Rosslyn and the Golds there is not any better.

Now I’m in Montgomery County, MD around Gaithersburg and the well is dry up here, too. Hopefully some others will post here about a decent PL gym (underground or otherwise). If I had about 10 extra square feet in my basement I would gladly convert it.