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Powerlifting/Hardcore Gyms in NY Area?


Hey guys. I'm new to this site, and I was just wondering if any of you from the NY area know of gyms/trainers/strength coaches who could put me through hardcore, underground-type strength training and powerlifting? I have been doing the lifts myself for a few years but I want to master my technique and eventually try to compete in the distant future. It would be great if I could work with someone a couple of days a week to master my form. I live in Queens, NY and I could travel to Long Island or any of the other boroughs to do it. The only places I could find are in NJ (DeFranco's and Renegade) and are a bit impractical for me to get to...so if anyone knows of places/people that offer that type of training in NY, please let me know. Thanks.



Great place.


Wow, that place looks awesome. But unfortunately, it's all the way upstate in Albany which is a few hours from me. Thanks for your help though, man. I appreciate it.




I will check it out. Thanks, man.


colleseum in queens is pretty good-

there are some hole in the wall places in BK in sheepshead bay called detail fitnes.
that has a cage, a deadlift platform and a group of PL who train a few nights a week.

there are a few boutique gyms in Manhattan that have glute ham raises, cages, bumpers,
sleds to push or pull but they are prohibitively expensive.


Hercules Gym in Syracuse 2004 Teall Avenue.


world gym west babylon. has a mono, ghr, racks, bars etc.