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Powerlifting Gyms Naperville/Joliet Illinois


I don't know where this should be posted but I see these types of threads in here all the time so yeah. I come back from school tomorrow and was wondering if anyone knew of some gyms in the Naperville/Joliet area that are more powerlifter strongman friendly. I live in Plainfield and don't really want to go back for 2 weeks to a gym with those slippery chrome bars, no chalk allowed, no slamming weight gyms I always go to. Feel free to drop me a PM or post in here if you have any ideas. Thanks, I appreciate it guys


I cannot think of the name nor have i been there, but I am pretty sure there is one in bolingbrook which is not far from naperville. Google it. Sorry that wasnt too helpful but you should find it easily.


Frantz Gym in North Aurora I believe. Google it.


There's the Overkill Power Pit in Naperville. Give them a call.



They seem to be the closest to me. I'll check them out friday, thanks man!


Go to powerliftingwatch.com click on the powerlifting gyms link(left side of the screen) and then enter Illinois into the search, This will give you a list of gyms with phone numbers, websites, and email addresses, some even have user feedback. Im sure one of these is probably in your area. good luck


Jakked Hardcore in Montgomery.


Jakked Hardcore in Montgomery. Really awesome place. I'd go there but it's too far away and most likely, more expensive than I'd be able to pay.