Powerlifting Gyms In Vancouver, BC


I was wondering if anyone knows of any good powerlifting gyms in Vancouver. I currently lift at the UBC Birdcoop. It’s ok in that they allow chalk, have a decent amount of weight, and 2 olympic lifting platforms + 2 power cages - but the atmosphere really is not there. I want to find a good warehouse/garage style gym with a lot of weight, chalk, hardcore atmosphere and strength athletes - instead of cardio buffs, squat rack curlers and bosu ball people. A gym more like my high school football weight room - everyone lifting because they wanted to be there, busting their ass to get better and feeding off each others energy.

A crossfit gym would work in a pinch but it’s a different vibe.



Relevant to my interests, I’m considering moving to Vancouver in the next couple years. REALLY hope you find something/ get some decent replies.

I don’t know if you’ve checked it out, but have a look at the BC Powerlifting Association website, there’s a list of PL friendly gyms on there that is slowly growing.

I’m in Victoria, so I can’t help much. If you come across to the island, I can recommend a few places.

I have a private club set up in aldergrove (between abbotsford and langley), full powerlifting setup with everything you need. pm me for details

The Port Kells Barbell Club is opening on March 15th. Full blown powerlifting and strongman facility. They are currently interviewing for training group/competition team members. Email @ PortKellsBarbellClub@hotmail.com for details.