Powerlifting gyms in Toronto

Hey guys. Do any of you fellow Torontonians know of any powerlifting-friendly gyms in Toronto and/or the G.T.A?



EoN, do you live in TO? There really aren’t any pure powerlifting gyms in the city. There are a few places though where you can find powerlifters training. The UofT Gym has some powerlifters(even Mauro DiPasquale trains there when in town). The Variety Village on Danforth Rd. has a powerlifting club and Monster Gym in Etobicoke has a powerlifting club. Keep in mind that none of these use Westside methods if that’s what you’re looking for. I have seen a couple guys training at York U. training Westside using chains and bands, but they are just a couple guys doing their own thing, not a club. Hope that helps.