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Powerlifting Gyms in the DMV Area?

Will be moving to DC in about a week- know any solid gyms where you can powerlift (chalk, deadlift, etc)?

The DMV is a big area. I train at home for convenience but if I wanted to train at a gym, I would want to join either SSPT in Rockville MD or NeverSate in Westminster, MD.

SSPT is owned by Matt Gary and Suzanne “Sioux-z” Hartwig-Gary. Sioux-z is a multi time national (USAPL) and world (IPF) powerlifting champion and Matt is a USAPL senior international coach. It is a no frills powerlifting gym with the proper equipment and more experience than almost anywhere else.

NeverSate, owned by Brian Alsruhe, is in Westminster MD, For pure intensity and strongman I think this is the place to go. Brain is on here also as “Alpha” I believe. It is a little further away from DC.

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