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Powerlifting Gyms in Quebec?


Currently I'm working out in a general fitness gym. Their DB's only goes to 115 and even for a little boy like me it's starting to be really too light for bench/lunges/shoulder press variations. Only one powerrack, crappy barbells. When I deadlift the PTs look like they wanna kill me for the noise it makes. And the worst of all, I'm the biggest and strongest guy in the gym, and god knows I'm only a beginner (Hey I'm 190ish @ 5'7 and the biggest ? Ain't normal at all lol) ! So well as everyone here I'm looking to push myself so if anyone own a or know a "hardcore" powerlifting gym, please let me know.

Nice day to everyone !


Quebec is a big place.

If you mean Montreal then there are these places that I know about:



Yeah its a big place. If you are in the Trois-Rivieres area, the place to go to is the basement of the St-Sacrement church (no kidding) on Blvd St-Louis. They have all the kind of bars you can imagine, dumbbells going up to 240m Aluminum Atlas stones up to 500lbs, a Viking press, various strongmen logs, farmer's walk handles up to 350lbs, a super yoke sleds, weights releases, bands, chains, boards, platforms, glute-ham raise, reverse hyper, etc.

This is where I used to train. Several 800lbs deadlifters and 500+ benchers train there as well as strongmen competitors. Guys from all across the province stop to train there.


Indeed I should have precise where I live in QC (Currently in Ste-Foy), but Thibaudeau thanks for your answers , I googlemap it so it would be :

Paroisse Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens,
�glise Très-Saint-Sacrement,
1775, boulevard St-Louis
Trois-Rivières, QC, G8Z 2N7

I will visit it for sure !


You're pretty close to where I live (Levis). Not that many powerlifting-friendly gyms around. The Mega-Gym has the strongest guys (lots of 500+ benchers 700+ squatters and deadlifters) as well as lots of competitive bodybuilders and fitness chicks.


I'll give it a look,

Because I'm sure that relying only on me and reading to obtain the best result from my training isn't the best. I need advices, tips and contacts with the real big and strong guys.

It's sad that I would have to sleep less too have the extra time for bus-gym-bus-work. The gym I currently go is attach to were I work, so for walker like me it's ideal.

You personally where do you train on La rive sud ?

Thanks for your time !


Uh, Christophe, I think I know you


Maxi-Forme in Levis... not really a powerlifting gym though. It's just where m business is at


I'm going to montmagny for fortissimus this weekend - any chance theres a good gym around there?


Not really, the gym there is pretty basic and small. The Maxi-Forme in Levis (where my office is) is decent, but mainstream. The Perform Plus also in Levis has some strongmen equipment. Levis is about 30 minutes away from Montmagny


Any good gyms in Montreal's Sainte-Anne_de-Bellevue area?


How about in the Concordia / McGill area? (Sorry, don't know the neighborhood name, I just googled it and they were close)... I'll be in town for a conference.



Epicentre is pretty close by - a quick cab ride. Send me a note and we can coordinate.

With respect to powerlifting gyms (clubs) - there are very few and as far as I know all the powerlifing clubs are outside of Montreal. At this time, there are very very few IPF lifters in Montreal.


Hey ! That's where I train ! I've seen Louis-Phillipe Jean train there a couples of time. He's a Runner up for World Strongest Man. Louis Lessage also, a policeman who does pretty well in powerlifting.


Yep, Louis, JP Gobeil and Pat Lemieux are very good friends of mine. Your avatar pic brings back some good memories!