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Powerlifting Gyms in Philly, PA


I have been weight lifting for years but am now interested in pursing powerlifting. So I am trying to find a good gym in the Philly area, but have not had a lot of luck.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.


hi ironsport gym is an awesome Gym!


Ironsport, no doubt. Ironsport.com


Yup, Ironsport, you won't regret it!


Where in Philly are you looking? City or burbs? Iron sport gym (google it) is arguably the best gym in the state - amazing place. However it can be a hike if you live in the wrong part of town. I am really short on time so I can't make the drive there, but the second my schedule frees up I'll hit that place like there is no tomorrow.

If you want something in the city - Fit Gym (fitinphilly.com) is the best bet - 44th and chestnut streets. Its a 5 min walk from my house so thats where I lift. Chalk, tons of plates (tons of 100 lbs plates too), racks, boards, chains, dbells up to 200lbs, all HS equipment as well... you name it, they have it. Prices are good too. Honestly, if it wasn't for Iron Sport, I'd say its the best gym in town.

Hope this helps. Stay away from local YMCA's (garbage) and chains (LA fitness shit). I know there is a CrossFit gym downtown (7th & Spruce area) but who the fuck wants to lift there?

If you have any other questions feel free to send me a pm.


Thanks. Looked at the Ironsport site; looks amazing! Fit Gym is intersting too...closer to my job.


I'm not even in the area and I know ironsport is your hot ticket...sell part of your soul to go there if you need to, it will make you a better lifter than if you sign up anywhere else.


I'm not even in the area and I know ironsport is your hot ticket...sell part of your soul to go there if you need to, it will make you a better lifter than if you sign up anywhere else.


yea, i would like to add with what everyone else here said with ironsport. ive only started lifting there like last week or so but i like it. i feel normal sized lifting at temple university's gym, but when i was at iron sport on fri afternoon, i felt like a puny midget haha. there were females doing axle cleans and presses, people doin log presses, and others dragging a sled outside. also at the american open meet in dec there was a good amount of people rocking their tshirts so theres a good amount of powerlifters there too.
if you look on powerliftingwatch they have a list of gyms in pa. theres a couple in philly and surrounding suburbs.


Ironsport is one of the best gyms Ive ever been to.


What about the gym called 'Sweat'? I'm looking around for gyms in Philly as well, and this seems to be the one nearest my living arrangements and workplace.


"Sweat" is a place where white corporate ex-frat boys do 1/4 squats with gloves and pussy pads on (and 1/3 benches), while staring at the beach bunnies on the treadmill. Your T-levels will drop the second you walk through the front door. If your goal is to get STRONGER and not be an average douche with low self-esteem and size M shirt, do NOT sign up there hahaha.


Ah, glad I asked. I have visions of my first day:

Me: does first set of deadlifts
Trainer: Excuse me, sir, but we don't allow that here.


If you live within 30-45 minutes drive of Ironsport, I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that you can't get stronger and become a better lifter training at a place like that. You're going to have all of the equipment you need that other gyms aren't going to have and you're going to have other lifters there who can tell you what you need to do to improve your form, technique and where you are weak and deficient.


There's Long's gym in Feasterville, PA. It's basically in the northeast it's off bustleton.


Worlds Gym on the boulevarde isnt that bad. Its down the street from the palace skating rink.