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Powerlifting Gyms in Kansas?


Any powerlifters out there training in Olathe, KS?

I've competed in 1 powerlifting meet this year, looking to do another one soon. Looks like the closest one is in Salina in November?


Your best bet around here is going to be 24 hour or golds. Ill ask around tonight about some meets if you like?


Currently I go to 24hr. I went to Gold's in Olathe when it was open, now the entire crew seems to be at 24hr.

That would be great if you could find out some upcoming meets. I'm competing in the IBPA Nationals in Minnesota in December, but still looking for something closer.


I'm guessing you go to the 24 off of 135th and black bob'ish'? I go to one off of 120th and metcalf. And no problem on asking around for you.


Yep, that's the one I go to. 5AM.

I appreciate you asking around.


Not a problem. I meet with workout partner tonight at 730(dynamic upper body night). He should know of something coming up


Saw this and thought these might help.

I'm in the KC area, I'm not a powerlifter but have looked around for something like that in the past. Here is an old thread with some info in it.


Look at usawa, hawkcapt1912, and KCBen's posts. Might get some leads there. I'm sure none of these are in Olathe and will be on the Missouri side.

Another option is 68's Inside Sports in OP. - 9111 Flint Overland Park, KS. Will Shields, a former Chiefs player owns it and seems to be fairly friendly to "noise makers". 3 racks, DB's to 120. Paul Carter (don't know if that means anything to you or not) has be in there a few times when I've been in and makes quite a bit of noise. I frequently use chalk and have never been asked not to.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Edit: Sorry, didn't post link to thread.