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Powerlifting Gyms/Coaches in San Antonio Area?

Does anybody know of coaches, gyms, anyone in general related to powerlifting in san antonio? i’ve scoured the internet and various forums and have found only a couple powerlifting friendly gyms, but it’s kinda difficult to train heavy by yourself. plus i’d like to learn from someone reputable, not just books/internet. any help would be appreciated.

Olympic Gym off north New Braunfels is probably the best, Jill Mills, Milo Mills (2100+ single ply back in the 1990’s)and Gene Bell all train there as well as 10 to 15 other powerlifters,there’s , usually there is a crew that trains around noon and another at night. Joe’s Gym is mostly benchers, although they have some pretty good ones, I dont know of any full meet guys from there. Red’s off Starcrest used to be pretty decent, but I’ve heard that it shut down and that Olympic bought their equipment.