Powerlifting Gym near Pomona/Claremont CA

Hey guys, I am moving to claremont, CA for a few months for work, and would like to continue my training for USAPL nationals at the end of june. I will be at pomona college from April 1-July1… does anyone know of a gym/garage/anything that I could do actual powerlifting training at - I know there are LA fitness-like gyms there, but I don’t feel comfortable (and doubt they would even allow) doing 300+kg box squats with bands or chains at place like that! Please let me know if anyone knows a place around claremont that I could do some proper powerlifting. Thanks!


Try searching here.


Thanks I tried that, but I couldnt find any - there was one close in Rancho Cucamonga, but I emailed the guy and he never responded…

I went to their website and they appear to have been bought out. Try giving them a call.