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Powerlifting Gym In/Near Alexandria VA


So I'm very new to the area (Alexandria VA - 22312 zip) and while the gym in my building is decent for the average gym-goer, there isn't a barbell in sight. I tried looking online but had trouble really knowing what was just another Gold's Gym versus a gym with powerlifters in it.

I'm a drug-tested, RAW, female, 148lb weight-class competitor.

I would so appreciate any recommendations, contacts, etc. for powerlifters/gyms/powerlifting-friendly gyms in this area.



It depends on what you mean by powerlifter friendly, but in general Gold's doesn't really care what you do and has good equipment. There is a X-Sport fitness near you that is 24 hours but I have no idea about their equipment. I train at the Fitness First in Tyson's Corner. It's a bit of a treck but they have a prowler, squat racks/cage, bands, chains, sleds and GHR and other powerlifting gear. For 30 bucks a month you also get access to all the Fitness Firsts in the area, which is very convenient to get workouts in. You can also use chalk (they keep some on hand) which is unheard of in this area.


Trident Crossfit may (or may not) be able to provide what you're looking for. Never been in there, myself...but from driving by on Rt. 1 and looking in the open garage doors, it looks somewhat promising. But this gym is in the 22314 zip code--so maybe not convenient from where you are located in Alexandria.


PERFECT. Great to know. I'm looking for the second place you described - with the bands, sleds and prowler, what more could you ask for? I'm actually only about 15 mintues from there. And 30$ a month? Wow. I'll take it.

If you spot a curly-haired red-head walking around, then that is me! I'll probably join in the next month.



No problem. The managers name is Carl and he's a pretty cool dude (one of the reasons why the gym is so chill). Hope to see you around!



Check that out and see what you can find...

I hear the Powerhouse down in Woodbridge is pretty decent, and Fitness First in Tysons is awesome (Tim Henriques trains there)....I actually train just up the road from you at the Gold's in Rosslyn part of Arlington myself (just off 395)...its not awful if you can stand the emo kids and the ghey music, but Im cool with the managers and they dont give me shit about chalk and DL'ing barefoot and videotaping and stuff....I've managed to do some decent work there

Where are you moving here from? You will learn two things about this area:

  1. Powerlifters are in short demand as compared to skinny brotards that just want to quarter bench, curl, and ab it up..
  2. Just because Mapquest tells you its 20 minutes, doesnt mean you wont be stuck in your car for an hour getting there :slight_smile:


hahaha yes, I'm prepared to endure the horrendous traffic.

I'm moving from Vermont. Sounds like the Fitness First at Tysons is the place to be if Tim Henriques is there!!


Isn't that where "Remember the Titans" happened?

Just use the team's weightroom.


I think you're actually thinking about Clash Of The Titans...the Cracken was on the treadmill today....


Yes, T.C. Williams is located in Alexandria, VA.


There is a Metal Militia chapter in Winchester. www.metalmilitia-va.com.


I run Urban Evolution, a very "special" gym in Alexandria. http://www.urbanevo.com

We cater specifically to various types of acrobats, but as a powerlifter, I do my bulk of training there. We also have tractor tires and sleds, and an arseload of chalk. Feel free to stop by sometime to check it out. Or you can shoot me an email at animus@urbanevo.com

The only thing is that we're pretty new and don't have all the equipment that I personally want for us right now (DBs only go to 50 right now and we only have enough plates to get to about 550lbs), but all of that will come with time.

I also work at the Gold's Gym in Clarendon, but that's not very powerlifting friendly.


Try the Ballston Golds Gym in Arlington.

They probably have 10 flat benches,
4 "curling" racks and lots of space. I think it
is one of the larger Golds in the country.

You have no idea what you are getting into
with the traffic here. If you try to go from Alexandria
to Tysons during rush hour - plan on an hour or
an hour and half travel time.


Thanks - I'm aware of the traffic, and plan to workout at non-rushhour times, later in the evening!


I've seen your comments throughout the entire T-Nation site...smartass posts seems to be your thing. Must have a lot of time on your hands.


I just saw this, come on over to Tyson's anytime, I think Carl told me about you. I am usually there from 12:30 to 4:30 and then also from 8:30 to 10:30 pm on Mon and Wed nights.

Take it easy, feel free to email me if you need anything, my team is getting ready for a meet in 5 weeks.



Thanks, Tim! I'll see you soon.