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Powerlifting Gym In Copenhagen?


Hi all,

It looks like I will be spending several weeks in Copenhagen over June and July.

Does anyone know of any decent gyms over there?

Going to take a look at Gymvisit but just wondered if anyone here knew any place.



I train at The Gym (www.thegym.dk).

It has it's own powerlifting club (CPL) and is a great place.
Two power racks, loads of plates, a GHR, a reverse hyper, Olympic lifting platform, multiple squat racks and DB's up to 68 kg.


Looks good thanks,

Prices are per month do they do per sessions rates?

Think I will be doing two weeks over there two back and repeat...


cant help you with the gym situation mate but i will say that Copenhagen is an amazing place, one of my favourite cities in europe without a doubt...i'm sure you'll have a wicked time!!


Prices are per month but if you talk to the owner you can probably firgure something out. He's quite flexible in that regard.