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Powerlifting Gym in Brooklyn?

From everything I’ve read, 5th Ave gym was the most popular hardcore gym in Brooklyn. Now that it’s closed, are there any other gyms in the borough that any T users would recommend? I’m moving to the area in a couple of weeks, and want nothing more than to avoid joining NYSC.

Say it isn’t so…5th ave gym was the first gym I ever joined as a 16yr old kid. The place produced Olympia and Night of Champions contenders. Last of the old school gyms. If you PM me the neighborhood you’re moving to I will provide you with a few recommendations.

By the way, I’ll be in London next week on business all week. Where should I go train? I’m staying at the Plaza hotel on Baker street.

I’m moving to Brooklyn and looking for a gym that has olympic lifing, chains, bands and the like. Any luck finding a descent gym there?


[quote]elflaco wrote:

I’ve been wanting to go to this gym for a while but I don’t know the rates/fees.
The site only gives me prices for classes and I just want to lift on my own.