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Powerlifting Gym in Atlanta


Hello, I am living in Atlanta at the moment and trying to find a good gym to lift at that has a good reputation as a power lifting gym. I have heard that Coffee's is good, but I've read mixed reviews online saying that it's gone downhill in the recent years.

Do any of you live in Atlanta, and if so where do you train?


I'm over at AnytimeFitness4U in Roswell. Not a powerlifting gym per say, but they do have a good rack that has band pegs on top and bottom, the manager/owner don't care that I bring in chains/bands/chalk/boards and generally let me have free run of the place, and it's only 10 bucks a month. It's a commercial gym but hardly ever busy in the evenings and there's a group of older guys that are always willing to talk training, spot, and it's a pretty enjoyable atmosphere to be honest.

Only downside is that it's not open on Sundays and no GHR though I did talk to the manager and he'll consider buying one, he already bought a squat bar since all their bars were deadlift ones so they're willing to invest in it which is good.

Other than that there is North GA Barbell up in Gainesville, and coming soon Valhalla Training Systems (my venture that will be open hopefully in the next 4-5 months) which will be located in North Fulton/South Forsyth area.

I've also heard Coffee's has gone downhill.