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Powerlifting Gym in Albany, NY?


Hey, I should be moving to Albany within the next month or 2 (FINALY!) due to the majority of my work with my new job being there.

I remember Eric Cressey was telling me that there's a good gym out there, but I can't find the post, or even if he was able to give a name.

I'm getting a little tired of the Powerhouse gym I'm going to now anyway since they just got some good competition and have been advertising a lot lately, which has been bringing in a lot of teens and soccer moms.

I'll eventually build up my own home gym as I can afford it, but I'd still like to have a good gym to go to.

Any suggestions?



Doing some of my own research, this gym does look promising:

And since we are looking to live outside of the city, and we found a place north of Albany, "Adirondack Barbell Club" in Glens Falls looks great too, but I'm not sure yet if it's open to the general public or if there are certain qualifications to join.


That place looks sick dude. Really cheap and looks like a serious atmostphere. Plus, you'll have some strong ass guys to keep you motivated.



I know! I couldn't believe it when I saw the membership was only $139.95 for a year.

I made the first post just before finding that gym and I have to say, it would be hard for anyone to convince me to go anywhere else.


Yeah, I've heard good things about Albany Strength, I'm probably going to join up when school gets back into session in September.


Albany strength is a cool gym, if they had bumper plates I would have gone there instead of ABC sports and fitness (open 24hrs a day). Lots of strong guys and there is a supplement shop attached to the gym with knowledgeable lifters. Definitely check it out.


Thanks, I'm checking out their website now, but there aren't many pictures of the gym.

Are they "powerlifter friendly"?

I'm assuming so if they have bumper plates for Olympic lifting.

It looks a little more like a Bally's/Golds type of gym (which I know can be good or bad depending on the actual gym).


Adirondack Barbell....home of Bill Crawford. Ranks up there with Westside and Nazareth Barbell.


I saw that online (from powerliftingwatch.com), but I don't know if just anyone could join or if there's some kind of requirement(s).