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Powerlifting.....GO EASY

Hey guys go easy on me on this thread becuase I know I am asking to get flamed, so take it easy.
I have heard alot about powerlifting and have read some powerlifting articles on this site. My first question Is are the workouts like 5x5 and Ian kings 6, 1 type workouts considered powerlifting? Or is powerlifting just doing Bench, Squat, and Deadlift on different days of the week? Is a specific powerlifting workout useful to someone who wants to build lots of muscle?, I would expect it would be but all the articles I have read say that the strength gains far outway any hypertrophy. If it is necessary to do powerlifting for a bodybuilder where shouldI put it in periodization wise?
Are there any good articles for beginners in powerlifting or like a powerlifting for dummies article. Or can anyone give me the basic principles of it?
Sorry if it sounds foolish to alot of you but I have never done this before so I want to learn about it.
Thanks for any replies.

Go and check out the articles by Dave Tate,The eight keys etc,etc there is plenty of useful info for a beginner like yourself to be getting on with.

As for muscle growth,check out the pic of JACKASS in the photo section,think that may help answer your questions.

What are your goals? What type of routine you use is based on your goals.


I would just like to add that doing a powerlifting routine will do nothing but help you even if Hypertrophy is your main goal. Gaining strength will allow you to throw more weight around during a hypertrophy specific program which will result in greater gains.

Second the Dave Tate articles, you cant go wrong there.


Despite what some may say, I do not believe that you can get “thick” without being strong. Mix it up.

I don’t know too much about the actual routines powerlifters use, except for the Westside Barbell routine, which is talked about a lot over here. You can learn about that in the 8 Keys articles.

I suggest you read Christian Thibaudeau’s Pendulum articles and his “Different Destinations, Different Journies” article to help answer your questions.

Here are the links:

Different Destinations, Different Journeys
Pendulum Bodybuilding
Pendulum Powerlifting

thanks for the help guys! any other tips?

read elitefts.com. T
They have alot of articles on powerlifting and programs, tips and general stuff.
in particular

Powerlifting can give you a very good base for bodybuilding. Overload is very important when it comes to hypertrophy. The more you can lift the faster you can grow.
Also read what is going on at the powerlifting forum on this site. There are some strong knowledgeable boys over there, and most are willing to help provided you have done the required reading!