Powerlifting Gear

I reciently bought a collection of gear from a lifter who decided to retire due to injuries. Due to the fact that he was about a size or two bigger than I am, I would like to trade for some equipment that would fit me better, or even sell some of the stuff I’ve got if anyone has any interest. The items I’ve got are as follows:

Metal Pro briefs- Size 46- great shape, almost never used
Metal Pro Squat Suit- Size 54- Lot of use, still in great shape tho
Titan Fury Bench shirt- NXG+ material, single ply. Size 48. Great shape, hardly used.
Inzer DD- patched sleeve- size 45 or 46
Metal Pro Bencher velcro back- almost never used- approx the same size as the Inzer
Inzer HD blast- not sure on the size, I’d have to check
Inzer Z-suit heavy duty size 35
Inzer Champion suit- size 32
Inzer HD groove briefs- have to check size
Inzer tripple line knee wraps

As far as prices go, I’d have to consider, as I’m looking more for a trade. I’d like to find some Metal pro briefs in a size 44 or 42, a Pro squatter in a 52 or a 50, or comparable gear in other brands. For the bench shirts, I’d need a size 44 Titan and probably a 43 or so Inzer, and anything reasonable will be considered of course. I?ll probably post this on a couple of other boards, so if you have any interest, PM me ASAP. Thanks!!