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Am planning to buy a deadlifting suit. My first suit, i was wounding how much more weight you can lift with a suit becuse am planning to set a new canadian record in deads, right now i can do 360 Raw just a belt. My plan is to buy the Inzer Advance Dbl Layer Max DL suit plus Heavy Duty Erector Shirt and Heavy Duty Groove Briefs. makers of Inzer Advance. I do believe the recors is around 420-430 @ 60kg. Do you think it will add 60 lbs to my deads? It's costly Going to spend around $350. I gotta do what i gotta do to set a record.

Thank you for taking time to read this


I don't know squat about how much a suit will increase your performance, but I can wish you luck man!

Get that record and SHATTER IT!


That's nearly a 15% increase from a deadlift suit. I have never heard of 15% gain on a deadlift from a suit, and honestly I don't think it's possible. Expect 3-5% increase in poundage at most, for you that would mean 10-15 pounds, not 60.

The dead lift is the exercise least effected by equipment. Just letting you know before you throw down your money.

Are you competeting in the CPU? have you competeted in canadian powerlifting yet?


Am planning on competetin in canadian powerlifting but i don't think my stats would be good to the other lifters, makes me wounder. Could you tell me the web site where the meets take place. the record is so close to me. 60 pounds that's not that much weight, adding 60 pounds to my max would be tough to incress but am training hard. my stats of the big 3 is 210 B, 260 S, 360 D, 18 year old 5'8 60kg. I never had equipment. I heard that equipment would incress the 3. To give my best in meets i gotta get the equipment. Can't give people a advantages over me.


360 raw...that's kg's, right?


60kg = bw???

wow,.. thats all I can say.


I recall reading in your previous thread that you didn't squat. As a reason, you stated that your leg development was lagging (one reason more to make them a priority). Have you addressed this issue yet?


With a double hardcore, groove briefs, and an erector shirt you probably won't be able to get down to the bar. Do you pull conventional or sumo. If conventional, I would just pull in a belt. If you pull conv. in a suit expect no more than a twenty pound increase. I pull sumo and I only use briefs and a belt.


Is the record in Kg? They are usually listed that way.


The numbers don't make sense. 430lbs at 60kg is good but hardly record level. And 430kgs is pretty much the super heavyweight world record.


Hmm, I guess you know a bunch of insanely strong 18 year olds. The world record in the IPF, is around 490 for 18 year old 132s.

At 18, he is a sub junior, and I think he would only need to pull 420ish to have the cpu sub junior record.


Priscilla Ribic claims to get 25% out of her suit, I believe she's the current women's world champion in the IPF 148s. She lifts with a hybrid stance.


Canadain Powerlifting Records: www.powerlifting.ca/recsmen.html

Its interesting to compare the pre-drug testing records to the modern records. I glanced at it, and it seems to be the average is lower for pre-drug testing, however the max weight is higher.


She lying. Nobody gets 25% out of a deadlift suit. Especially not an IPF regulated suit. That's like your deadlift going from 500 to 625 from a deadlift suit, thats beyond impossible. Deadlift records have not really budged in years, the reason being, deadlift suits do little to nothing. I'm not even arguing, these are facts, go buy a suit or borrow one, you'll see for yourself.

If you look at Men's Open IPF World Records, all 11 weight categories records' from 52KG to 125kg+ have been broken in the bench press since the year 2000. It's not becuase people are getting stronger, or train better, it's because bench shirts effect the lift that much. If you look at the Squat 5 of the 11 have been broken since 2000, that's quite a bit as well since squat suits are helping a lot as well. How many in the deadlift since the year 2000? Only 1, that sounds just about right. Why only 1? Becuase deadlift suits do jack shit. So people gotta break the records on there own.


Hey "T.J.", calling an IPF world champ, who is female nonetheless, a liar is pretty weak.

Just because you haven't figured out how to get weight out of a DL suit, don't dog other people.

All our lifters lift USAPL, use single ply Centurians, and we have plenty of lifters getting some good weight from suits. Granted, most pull sumo, but some conventional, too. Hell, we have a 17 year old girl who gets a good 20% out of a z-suit.

The problem is most people are unwilling to wear their straps tight enough to do anything and aren't willing to spend the time to adapt.


Why are you putting my name in quotations? Weird. "who is female nonetheless" again irrelevant and weird. Anyways, I?d like to see the article where she specifically states her getting 25% on top of her raw from a suit, I find it very hard to believe, especially from a IPF regulated dead lift suit. She probably trains quite often in the suit and is giving a rough estimate of 25%. Just like a kid saying he gets 50 extra horse power from his spoiler and stickers on the side of his car. Is she sponsored by Titan or Inzer? She was probably just giving them props like a bodybuilder gives props to Nitro-tech protein powder, when they actually have never used the garbage. Let me restate it for you, I highly doubt she got 25% out of a dead lift suit, and if she did it's a very rare, and one of a kind case.


Where I come from, we don't take calling people a liar lightly, and we treat women with respect.

If that is weird to you, you are either trailer trash or need to grow up.

I don't see what IPF regulated has to do with anything. Ever seen a Centurian/Dual Quad? It is a pretty stout suit.

The point of dimininshing returns on a DL suit comes up much more rapidly than squat equipment. In other words, adding layers does not ever yield proportionately. As I stated before, I find very tight straps to be the best set up.

Bottom line, I don't think 25% is out of the question given the weights she is moving.


First off:
The Alberta IPF Records are here:

And the 60kg Dead record is 200kg (~440lbs)

Funny thing: I still have a record on that page...

The Canadian IPF 60kg Dead record is 227.5kg (~500 lbs)

Next: If you are lifting in the CPU the only gear you can only use a single-ply MaxDL and no briefs. Though I have known people to get as much as 30lbs out of a single-ply deadlift suit.


It's not impossible to get 25% out of a suit if you go sumo, though not usual. And IPF regulations are fine for getting a lot out of a suit when pulling sumo. You can't really gain much by adding briefs and extra layers, because they will just prevent you from setting up properly in the deadlift.

Smaller people also get a higher percentage of gain out of their gear. Priscilla is pretty small.

However, Priscilla is a Titan distributor, so her opinion of what she's trying to sell has to be viewed with some skepticism. I can't say if she's lying or not, but I think I could get 15-20% out of an IPF squat suit on my sumo pull. I really suck right off the floor, and that's where the suit helps you.


Don't get all up in my grill cause your taking something and making it into a big deal. Here smart ass, answer the question then, if dead-lift suits even gave 10% gain, every single dead lift record would have been broken just like the bench press records. The old dead lift records still stand, cause the suits don't work that good. Don't try and make this personal and call me trailer trash, keep on topic...? Where I come from we back up our arguments with facts. You don't see what IPF regulated has to do with anything? Do you even powerlift? Why are other federations putting out higher records in the bench and squat but not the deadlift, the suits my friend, triple denim bench shirts, leviathan squat suits. These suits are made out of canvas, if your trying to ignore the fact that these suits give bigger lifts as well, then this argument is over before it began.