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Powerlifting Gear For Sale

I am selling all of my old powerlifting gear. If anyone is interested in what I have, just post or PM me. Make me an offer. Ultimately you will send me the money and I will send you the stuff. I live in VA. Most items are medium wear to near new, I am not selling anything in poor condition. I competed as a 198 mainly, sometimes 220 lifter in the USAPL so it is all single ply. Here is a list of what I have:

1 pair (2) of Inzer A Knee Wraps
5 total (2 pair + 1) of Inzer Z Knee Wraps
1 pair of Titan THP Knee Wraps (like new)
2 pair of Titan Red Devil Knee Wraps (medium)
1 pair of Titan Signature Gold Line Knee Wraps (like new)

Titan Centurion NXG+ Squat Suit, 44, black w/Titan Emblem (near new)
Titan Centurion NXG Squat Suit, 44, black
Titan Centurion Squat Suit, 40, black
Marathon Squat Suit, 38, black
Inzer Z Squat Suit, 31, black

Marathon DL Suit, 30, Navy blue (medium wear)
Marathon DL Suit, 36, Navy blue

Inzer HPHD Bench Shirt, 48, black

So just let me know if you are interested in any of these items. Peace,

Thanks for PM’s, much gear still available.