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Powerlifting Form Resource


Hi all, I’ve got a teaching module on my course which i’m basing around powerlifting - using a combination of practical and theory teaching.

The bulk of the project is a resource to aid this teaching, and it would be really good to get some opinions on what is and isn’t out there. Obviously there are numerous video channels, and paid form checking services, as well as forum communities.

The idea I have had is a portable “cheat sheet” with illustrations and form cues. Kinda like those posters you see tucked away in the stretching area of the gym, but A5 paper sized and laminated so that a student can take it with them into the gym. Idea being that someone who is new to learning the lifts can receive formal teaching, gain familiarity with the lifts, and then use my resource whenever they are in the gym without a coach to keep mental cues and tips fresh in their mind.

That being said, any other ideas would be welcome.

So just a few questions:

  1. What would you like to see in a resource designed to aid novice powerlifting trainees in learning the lifts?

  2. What do you feel the most important points to cover in such a resource would be?

  3. Do you have any ideas for the format of such a resource?

  4. Any other thoughts?

Thanks guys


Different body types demonstrating the lifts so the trainee will get a good idea of how each lift differs from person to person. Too many trainees get caught on the idea of textbook/perfect form.

Everyone is different, do what works for you.

Think starting strength but more digestible? I’ve read the starting strength guides to performing each lift and it was a bit too wordy for my short attention span.

Maybe an app that goes along with it cause well, it’s far easier to see/understand than read/understand. Or… This is just me being crazy but one of those flipbook type deals…

obviously, I mean the actual thing and not an computerised animation but that’s still pretty crazy.


Select Your body type out of a list of general leverages, then whole resource is tailored to this. Images with main bullet points bullet points laid out clearly.
Also do a bit on what to avoid while doing the lifts.
Not very wordy.
Simple. Clear. Concise.


Great stuff so far, thanks guys


That higher reps are still going to make you strong (five to 10 range), perfect your technique and train the hell out of your back.


Maybe a picture of someone pulling their shoulder blades back and down except where they’re standing up where you can look at their back with arrows pointing in the directions the scapulae should be going.

This way, people relatively new to the bench press can actually see and have an idea of what’s going on so they can try to imitate that.

I’d say the majority of gym goers who bench press don’t do this.