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Powerlifting for Dummies

im gonna get into a gym soon and i want to start a powerlifting routine and if i see results, even get into the sport. i have been working out for three years in and out of the gym and i have never done any powerlifting type of training.
it just seems like a great way to get strong and pack on muscle.
however i dont know how to start. Is there a website that gives me advice on how to start powerlifting?
how many reps and sets should i do for powerlifting?
what other exercises apart from bench presses, deadlifts and squats should i be doing?

Read Dave Tate’s articles. Also go to Westside Barbell Club’s website and read all of Louie Simmon’s articles. Also a good idea to read Eric Cressey’s stuff so you can prevent injuries…tuff sport on your body. Good luck!

go to www.elitefts.com. Click on the articles section. read everything you can. Good luck.

You also need to consider what training is going to best suit YOU. As you are in the UK, I assume you would be lifting under IPF rules. This means single ply suits (ie less assistance). Or you could lift raw. This will affect how you train to some extent. Also, you need to think about whether you are likely to lift at a weight similar to your current weight or whether you want to put on mass. This will also affect your training.

Best bet is to find some powerlifters nearby who can help you with all this and with lifting form. You can only learn so much over the internet. Try here for a start: http://www.powerlifting.org.uk/

Is there any other powerlifting? :wink:

great thanks. i wrote down all that i have to read. its great that i have regained my passion for reading as i have a lot of reading to do. i will do my pullups and dips,read all the articles and powerlift like crazy when i get in the gym.
thanks so much

[quote]WeaponXXX wrote:
great thanks. i wrote down all that i have to read. its great that i have regained my passion for reading as i have a lot of reading to do. i will do my pullups and dips,read all the articles and powerlift like crazy when i get in the gym.
thanks so much[/quote]

Just remember to keep it simple at first. In powerlifting it is easy to get confused with all the different kinds of exercises, bands, chains, etc. Just start with a simple template (like WS4SB) that adresses your needs and weaknesses. I see a lot of people blow their minds with complicated percentages and programs based on all sorts of esoteric ideas. Just remember Max Effort, Dynamic Effort, and Repetition work. Use as needed, then go kick some ass. Best of luck and welcome to the sport.

dude i wouldnt start with ws4sb if i were you.

i dont know your level fo experince anything never gave much to wokr on but dude to be fair base around the following

mon- deadlift 5 sets of 5 reps
wednesday- bench 5 sets of 5 reps
friday- squat 5 sets of 5 reps

then have a few assistance exercises in there as well for me

dead- alternate between platforms and rack pulls from varying highes 5sets of 5. then some lat work i.e. rows or chins also 5x5 and abs less volum. also do grip work

bench- either boards or paused bench or narrow bench 5 x5. then either shoulder so (standiong mili press/ seated bd press/ push press) for 5 x 5. or simply weighted dips. also do rotator cuff work

on squat day- good mornings for me after squats r glute ham raises 5x5. or both if brutal. or a unilaterla moveent so lunges all 5x5. add in ab wotk.

so for me a very basic beginners template would be looking like

mon- deads 5 x5, platform/ racks 5x5, weighted chins 5x5, cable crunches 3x8, grip work

wednesday- bench 5x5, board bench (from your weakest point) 5x5, dips 5x5, rotator cuff 6-9 sets of 15

friday- squats 5x5, good mornings 5x5, glute ham raises 5x5, weighted decline sit ups 3x8.

dude it is very basic above try it for 6 weeks

yes! Good workout for a beginner or intermidiate lifter.

I just have to add. Dont go to failure on your sets or you will burn out in a hurry.

ye dont go in all guns blazing!! if you find however that shoulders are the weakpoint on bench then adjust accordingly… peps on here will show how to adjust the workout

where are you based in the uk thought you were a yank

Look up “West Side for Skinny Bastards” by Joe Defranco on this site, like others have already said. After I competed in my first PL meet I got really focused on my training and using the WS4SB template, added 25+ pounds to my press, about 20 to my DL and near 50 to my squat. I also went from a bodyweight of 195 at about 10-12% fat to around 205 with the same fat or lower (keeping my diet in check as well). For diet, read everything diet related by Dr. John Berardi on this site. This all happend between December of '06 and now… soooo 2.5 months about.

wow thanks for all the advice guys.i will definitely read up all those articles and thanks for big49er for the sample workout. i wrote it down.
unfortunately i wont be able to start powerlifting until i start work and get a gym membership which will be soon anyway. however i have a barbell at home and today i discovered the joys of front squats and snatches for the first time. im very interested in finding other exercises like this that are so challenging and intense.
im from north london.
thanks for all the help;)

i train in barnet at the works or wembley at genesis gym most weekends. at uni during the week