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Powerlifting For Bodybuilder...


How or what days can I add in some powerlifting, I am just looking to throw some cleans, snatches, and high pulls. Just want to get a more rounded and developed physique.


I'm not sure what you mean by "power lifting" as the exercises you name are not really considered powerlifting. But I still think they are all good exercises and that you should throw them in wherever you dam well please.


Um, you mean olympic lifting. Powerlifting is bench, squat, and deadlift. Olympic lifting is clean and jerk and snatch. Look up Dan John.


my bad, what i meant is i just want to throw these exercises in to gain power to supplement my bodybuilding.


The bench, squat and the deadlift do that...along with about 500 other exercises for the rest of your body. Power is speed and strength. Bodybuilding doesn't take that away...it helps build it. Building speed would also depend on what you are training for. Plyometric exercises may be of value. The point is, bodybuilding is about gaining size and strength. It doesn't need supplements for power unless you have a sports goal that needs a specific degree of ability. Why are you throwing those particular exercises in? What do you think you are missing out on and why? What is your training like now and how much do you weigh?

If you just want to throw those exercises in for no reason just to do them, then do so.