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Powerlifting for beginners

I am a weight lifter (I do lift just not a prossional or great at it). I am 6ft 233lbs. I have been reading the articles here and in Elitefts. I am very intristed into getting into more powerlifting as a means of lifting but am clueless on the volume. Also, I work out at home and have a great variety of stuff. Can someone get me started? I am lookking for routines and advice (reps/sets and training frequency). I am aware of box squats and now have read the proper way to DL.

I’d read the Eight Keys, by Dave Tate, here at T-Mag. They provide most everything you’re looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.

yes definitely read the eight keys, and at the end of the series of like 4 or 5 articles he has a beginners routine, try to follow that to a T, and also go to elitefts.com and read everything you can it might seem confusing at first but read the beginners routine follow it, also read some of the t-mag articles on appetite for constuction, and massive eating, cause nutrition is just as important as training and you will get stronger.