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Powerlifting Footwear?


Hey,i wanted to hear some opinions about what shoe to wear during squats?? i squat raw and use a slightly wider than shoulder stance. do you think some sort of flat soled shoes should be used or an Oly. shoe would be a good choice??


Doesnt matter. Whatever you want.



I squat in bunny slippers.


I have squatted in chucks the past while, but I got some oly shoes for xmas and am a big fan. I squat similar to you I think with a little wider than shoulder width squat. I was always hesitant since I did not want to spend the money but I really like them as I can hit depth now very easily and the whole movement feels smoother for me. My squats aren't monstrous though (only low 500s), so maybe some bigger guys have better advice.


thanks, for your opinions


If I cant squat barefoot, then I squat in Sprint Vibrams. Im sure Ill get crap for that but I dont care. It works well. But like what Jason said, it doesnt matter.


I squat & deadlift is socks, except when it is raining then I go barefoot.


Perhaps......If you are competitive, you should train in the shoes you will compete it.


I squat in chucks. I have oly shoes but I just prefer the chucks.


I thought you lifted in those shoes in your avi?? :wink:


I've squatted in Chucks, Samba's, and wrestling shoes. Of the three I liked the Chucks the least, and I prefer wrestling shoes. The Samba's weren't bad, but for some reason I just like the wrestling shoes better.


Vibrams or skateboarding shoes. Or pink ugg slippers.


love the wrestling shoes too, feel like i can drive thru my heels better


Asics Split Seconds are an awesome wrestling shoe to lift in. Not that they will instantly give you an elite total or anything, but Matt Kroc, Maraudermeat(I think Meat's are Split Seconds) and a few other high profile powerlifting characters use them.


I compete. Still doesn't matter. I'm going to wear my vibrams at the meet in April just to prove it.



If you're going to talk tough like that, you better have a big fucking squat. Or a hot girlfriend. I doubt you have either.




Haha. Clearly doesn't know who jpeg is


Haha. Clearly doesn't know who PMPM is. :slight_smile:

Edit: I almost forgot: I like wrestling shoes best, but chucks and 5 fingers work fine also.


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