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Powerlifting Feds with Deeper Squats?


I saw that thread about the 3000lb+ total and saw people saying that it was an absurdly high squat and such. I didnt read through it, I just saw basically that much. This made me wonder if there are any feds that throw parallel out the window and go down as deep as possible? Even if there was one, I doubt it being very big due to having to drop a lot of weight to go that low.


Well, the rule is supposed to be the crease of the hip below the knee, which is a pretty damn low squat. Not ATG, but then again you need a reference point to decide what makes or breaks a lift, such as touching down to your chest on a bench. You can go lower if you want but you don't have to. There is some multiply squatting that is ridiculous which is what this was. If your worried about it, lift in a fed that abides by the rules you prefer. USAPL, USPA, and other feds have very solid standards.


IPF and affiliates. Thats why the multi-ply and crappy depth feds hate them so much. You want to hit depth? Squat in an IPF comp. I think in the US that means USAPL.


NASA is very strict as well.


RAW UNITED, NASA, USPA, USAPL will all give good judging on average. USAPL is the most political fed imo though so not a big fan.


Is there any that require like the posterior of the thigh to come into contact with the calf? I suppose those could be a reference point for "rock bottom".


For some, that would put them above parallel. It's too inconsistent.


Yeah, it's called Olympic lifting. Also, they do it with the bar in front of their bodies...


Not necessarily.

TC: There is nothing preventing you from competing in any fed and squatting as deep as you want to squat. There are only minimum requirements, not maximum. If you feel like a squat has to be a certain depth, be true to your heart and squat to that depth in competition.


Not really a good example... Obviously not a top tier athlete who is using form to lift most weight... I think we can all agree there are serious possibilities for improvement to be made there...


IMO it has much less to do with the fed and much more to do with the lifter. People like Hoff are gonna get high squats passed more often. People like Mendy are gonna get generously fast press commands. Often times it's not even favoritism by judges or anything like that, it's just that the weights are so huge the judges get freaked the fuck out. I mean I would be shitting my pants if I were the head judge on something like that.

But hey, if you're a no-name raw lifter in the SPF, you can normally count on strict calls. Joe Ladnier in particular typically judges for them, and he is tough as shit.


Interesting. I've heard from people in Kentucky that they weren't particularly strict on depth. Might just be the judges we get around here, though. I do know they are very strict with press calls.


My point was more that there is no requirement to squat that deep in competition. If the point of the thread is to find a federation where this depth is enforced, olympic lifting would not be in that direction.

On the same topic of improving technique for better performance, in powerlifting, that pretty much explicitly means cutting depth to right on the dot to move as much weight as possible. Different approaches for same goal.


Yea, could be either the judges or the type of meet as well. I know at my first meet, which was an open, they were maybe a little bit more laid back. However, at the unequipped nationals many of us were shocked at how many squatters were getting red lights.

And it feels like an eternity at the bottom of the bench press!


I was being sarcastic. The rules are pretty much the same across the feds; it's the enforcement that differs. Find a fed that judges depth the way you're comfortable with, and lift in it. I think it's funny when people put threads up like this. If you want to reinvent the rules, start your own fed or find a different sport.