Powerlifting, Fat Loss, Diet & Cardio?

Hi all so i am relatively new to the world of powerlifting and for the last 6 month month have been following jim wendlers 5,3,1 which i am super pleased with, however i am now weighing in at 17.5 stone and carrying a gut and was hoping that i could get some advice on diet and what i shoulds be intaking in a day that wont impact too much on my lifts.

separately to that i have recently starting warming up prior to my workout in the gym a quick 10 min of cardio is what i have been doing could this be detrimental ?

any advise anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated

Not trying to be an ass, the best answer is read the books.

10 min warm up wont hurt anything, more on this in the books.

Cut back on food to lose fat, increase food to improve performance.

Is a great was to drop weight and keep performance up in a simple way. Respect the plan and stick in each phase until you prove you can stick to the goals of each phase (over 4 weeks) rather than thinking its easy and you got it covered. Seriously, you’ll be surprised just how much falls off by doing phase 1 with 90+% compliance over a month - just like training.

As for warm up, monitor it and if no performance drop, keep going. I prefer dynamic stretching and goblet squats myself