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Powerlifting Diet


Hey there,

Been powerlifting for a year but i cant seem to find a diet regimen that i like. I have tried low carbs with high pro and fat. I have tried high carbs as well. but nothing i can seem to hook on. I am not looking to get straight fat either.

I am just looking for a structured regimen to work off of and stick to.
Please help a guy out.


Have you read ANY of the hundreds of nutrition articles on this site or on the web or the hundreds of books in stores?


When you tried high carb did you eat a lot of vegetables?

When you tried high protein and fat did you get enough vitamins by eating vegetables or organ meats?

I’ve found that just getting the macros is enough for a little while but if you don’t get the vitamins (easy by just adding a bit of liver a few times a week or some greens everyday) you’re gonna feel bad and wanna quit.

Diet is 100% up to you… cause what I eat may make you feel like crap and same for the next guy and the next guy. Check out Paul Chek’s book “Eat move and be healthy” or something like that… he should be able to point you in the right diet direction. Or just research what your ancestors (like 2000 years ago) ate and eat a similar type thing, you’ll have to modify it for strength though