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Powerlifting Diet Question

I’m 5’9, 175 lb male that trains with a predominantly powerlifting routine. I should also probably add that I do little to no cardio. I’m looking to go into a bodybuilder style cutting phase in an effort to slim up my stomach area, but I know next to nothing about nutrition and dieting.

Does anyone have any suggestions about a diet plan/cardio routine that would function for a powerlifter but provide bodybuilder results? Thanks.

Your a 5’9" 175 lb PLer lookignto cut to look good HMMMM dont sound much like PL to me i think you would be more concerned with performance. but any way. Just clean uop the diet. No need for drastic changes to lean up a bit and add conditioning low intensity cardio (walks etc…) they wont halt strenght gains. and solid nutrition. Look at the Seven Habits article base you intake on Whole good foods.

7 Habit

hope that helps,