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Powerlifting Diet Help Please!


I am 213 lbs, 5'10, 26 years old. Currently doing 5 3 1 for powerlifting and seeking the best diet I can get for best results, besides ( eat everything you see ) I have calculated my bmr to be 2105. I train 4 days per week. Can anyone give me any tips for a good diet to gain as much strength as possible without bulking TOO MUCH. Meal examples from other powerlifters would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!


what weight class are you competing at? 198? 220?

diet depends on personal preference and varies between individuals. Eat like other strength athletes do except for a higher amount of carbs (compared to bodybuilders and other people who depend on low bf%)


A tall order.

Ever try reading the HUNDREDS of articles on nutrition on THIS site, let alone the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of articles all over the 'net and books in bookstores and libraries?


Meal One:
5 eggs, 4 sausages, onions, and topped with salsa. 3 Cups of milk

Meal Two:
One pound of ground beef with onion and your favorite taco seasoning. 3/4 cups of rice. Mix it all in a bowl with sour creme and cheese. 3 Cups of milk.

Meal Three:
Protein shake with 2 scoops of whey. 2 cups of milk, one banana, 2 tbsp peanut butter.

There you go! Adjust portion size to fit your needs.


don't know what weight class i am competing in yet i still haven't competed. Just trying to get as strong as i can at home until i feel im ready to compete.

Brickhead - I have read lots of the articles on this site but i get a lot of contradicting material and confuses me so when someone answers me directly it helps me a lot.

stefan128- thanks a lot for the meal suggestions, appreciate it