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Powerlifting Diet, Getting Lean for Summer


Hey guys

I have done previous posts on this topic but fairly vague, but this is for more accurate purposes.

I’m 17, so I know that fat burners and stuff aren’t exactly a wise option. What sort of foods should i eat and how should i gauge it?
I like the idea of IIFYM, and the whole “bodybuilding” style diet where you get tubs and eat calculated meals x amount of times a day. Tried it, but I just don’t like to eat like that. I’m abit of a foodie, and I like to cook and experiment with food and such as i go.

Just asking for some basic idea of meals I could eat throughout the day, and maybe you guys can share what you do? I’m about 93-94kg, and I want to get down to about 89-90.


Try this


Eat less

If u want easy The simple Diet was already posted

If u want to get technical but not mind boggling; the Renaissance Diet by Renaissance Periodization


You don’t have to eat like a contest prep bodybuilder to drop 10 lbs. really any food that fits an intelligent macro breakdown works. I have almost a hundred various recipes built up over the past couple years that are all very tasty and pretty much all based around normal everyday staples like meats, fruits, veggies, rice, potatoes, canned items etc.

It’s as basic or complicated as you want to make it. I lived off chicken, rice, hot sauce and broccoli for literally years cause it was simple, tasty, cheap, and I could make large amounts at once. Currently I make a different few recipes each week that are much more involved and just work out the macros with them. Much more time consuming, but more tasty.