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Powerlifting Despite Cycling


Powerlifting despite cycling for roughly an hour a day-picking a benchrelated program

So thats my situation, at least till july or so. Since i've been livng this way i've had less energy for lifting/growth and m lower body stats have taken a fair dip (currently i'm about 20kgs weaker on squat and deadlift that last summer), although i am still eating/training as hard.

Currently I am doing 5/3/1 and hoping to compete in my first powerlifting competition in a few months.

However, my bench has always been my Achilles heal, as i don't expect to see any significant improvement in the two lifts i have traditionaly favoured, I'd like to seriously improve my bench.

I am thinking of using this program
although i am not sure whether i should combine it with additional lower body work, (it has none, and even though I wont squat huge for a while, i still want to squat) or use a different bench -centric program.

What bench centric programs have you used? how did it work out?
Those of you who cycle how do you adapt your training around it?