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Powerlifting Comps


So I'm thinking it would be cool to enter a powerlifting comp at some point. I don't really know much about it. I've never lifted with a shirt or any other support.

Are there "raw" comps? I'd be more interested in doing one of those, if such a thing exists.

Can anyone point me to information about it? Also any competitions in Northern Cal?


Someone gave a good link to a search engine a while ago that I put into my favorites:

I searched for all federations, and selectied my state (NY) and only came up with 2 meets. One was bench only, the other was dead, squat, bench.

Right now California is showing 4 results. I'm not sure if this website lists raw competitions, but I do know that there are some out there.

Soemone else here might have a link to them.




the aau incorporates raw meets into their state regional and national competitions. pletny of opportunity in that fed if you like to lift raw