powerlifting competition

three days to go for my last competition of the year. weighing about 204 this morning. need to weigh in under 198 friday morning. will post the results here and at www.michiganpowerlifters.com

planning on at least a 635 squat, 375 bench, and a 615 deadlift in a drug tested meet.

Try boiling yourself. It’s a method that Angel Spassov brought to N.America from Bulgaria when he toured in the 80’s. Just get into a bathtub full of the hottest water you can stand & keep as much of your body submerged for about a half hour. When you get out make sure you stay wraapped in towels to hold the heat in. Arthur Dreschler says it’s the most effective way of losing a bunch of weight & maintaining strength.

that doesn’t sound pleasant. but i will be trying it fri morning if i need to. i took hot showers last time along with several other techniques. they might have worked, i did drop weight.

Pete, good luck in the meet. I’ll check your site to review your results (great site by the way). I was just wondering how much cutting weight affects your lifts? Even though you only have to drop a few pounds, presumably that would have a negative effect on your strength levels, especially if dehydration is used? Or is there adequate time for your body to readjust back to your starting weight? Just interested. Good Luck again!

thanks. 1st meet i cut weight i did it all wrong and bombed out on the bench. couldn’t get a easy lift. last time i felt i got all (or at least enough of) my strength back. this time should be even easier. i’m learning as i go. in the aapf, there is a 24 hour weigh in so i have time to get some fluids back in me. still, its not fun skipping on eating and not drinking the day before you weigh in. in the usapl, you weigh in the morning you lift. that’s a bit harder because its hard to get the fluids in you that quickly.

made it at 198.0. actually i made it by half pound. ate right after and probably got up to about 203 alrady.

Good luck pete! i love your website