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Powerlifting Competition - When are You Ready?

I’ve been lifting for strength for about a year now. This has been broken up by two short deployments with the military where only a smith machine and Dumbbells up to 90 were available -_-…

Anyway, I’m hitting things harder (and smarter) than before but I was wondering how would you know if you are ready to compete? And how do the competitions work? I know there are weight classes. But what are minimum competitive numbers to obtain before jumping in? Any guidance would be appreciated.

The best thing you can do is just sign up for a meet, 10-12 weeks away and do it - regardless of strength levels. Train, let the cards fall where they do.

You’ll gain an appreciation for the process and for long term planning and most likely gain more strength than you otherwise would have.


Okay, cool. Good advice! Thanks.

Can you squat, bench, and deadlift a 45lbs bar to standard? If so you are ready.


Gaining platform experience is huge. Also it establishes real standards for your maxes. Do it NOW.


If you’re strong enough to click a pen and ill out an entry form, then you’re strong enough to compete. If it’s your first meet, just pick the closest one that is happening the soonest and get into it.