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Powerlifting Competition - Am I Ready?


I’ve been focused on building strength for the last year and I’ve put on quite a bit, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to think about competing yet. I’m a total newb to the powerlifting world.

I have no one with experience working with me. It’s all been studying videos and books and working on the gym alone.

I’m 37, 5’6" tall, 205lbs. 18%bf.

My best lifts so far are:

Bench - 275
Squat - 350
Dead - 375

I honestly think I can get to 300 on my bench, 375 on squat and possibly 400 on dead by December. I’ve been doing a combination of Sheiko and “Colorado Experiment” training with a strength diet.

I’m near Cincinnati and they had a competition recently, but I didn’t go because I just didn’t feel ready yet. I’d like to think about trying a competition in the spring.

So are my numbers something I could take to a competition and not look like an idiot? Do competitions now have age brackets as well as weight classes?

Competition classes are broken down by age, weight and ability (totals).

I’ll tell you what was told to me. Waiting to be “ready” for your first competition is a waste of time and usually an excuse not to compete. Just enter one. Word is everybody is cool and helpful and you’ll have a great time. My first competition is a week after this saturday.

I’m not “ready,” i.e. I’m not lifting the weights I wanted to be lifting by this time, but I’m going anyway with what I’ve got.

Our lifts are comparable and I’m competing. I’d say you’re ready.

edit: Dang - I meant that to sound friendlier than it does. I guess what I’m saying is “Go for it.” You’ll have a good time and you’ll learn what needs work. I’m nervous as hell, but I’m very interested in seeing what my performance will be and what mistakes I’ll make.

That is a respectable total at the local level.There is no time like the present to compete.I say go for it!!Best of training to you.

Heck yeah man go for it.
God bless, Lonnie

Yeah dude, loose a few pounds of fat and go in the 198 class.

Those lifts are perfectly fine. I’m with the rest of the guys, it’s a lot of fun, find a local meet and enter.

Your Numbers are your numbers and you own them. I don’t think I have ever heard any one say “I hope he misses this lift so I can win the class” You will have a great time, meet cool people and lift heavy things. Later go kill a cow with some other PL!

Good Luck!

Don’t worry about your numbers just do your best and have fun.

Just to piggy back on what everyone else has said go and have fun. Get a meet under your belt and you’ll know what to expect at the next one. Main thing is you come away feeling good about it.

Mighty, compete and have fun. Just set a few personal bests for yourself and nail them at the meet.

On another note, I’m in Cinci often on business and usually train at around 5:30 AM if you want some help.

Adding to what everyone elses has said, first comp go have some fun, meet new people and lift heavy shit. Set some goals, train towards them and go for it. I’m planning on my first comp in November and my lifts won’t be seeing me winning any trophies, and having spoken to the guys running the comp I’m sure the people there will be supportive. Enter have fun and let us know how you went. Burnesy

Can anyone tell me where I can watch for notices of competitions in my area?


Click the “Powerlifting Meets” link on the upper left of the index page.

Doing my first meet this october. I worried about the same thing but decided to just do it.

Your going to love it…