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Powerlifting Competition Advice

I want to know what are decent opening weights to get in tested competition with belt suits/shirt and wraps? I weigh in at 205-210 and don’t want to dominate competition but don’t want to fiinsh in last two places. I would be competing in the new england area any good federations?

I’ll tell you as most powerlifters not to worry about what everyone else is doing, just worry about what you’re doing. Once you get that first meet in it’s all gravy from there…I know, I know…everyone who wants to enter a powerlifting meet thinks they have to be able to do the state record in each lift in order not to embarass themselves. I dont know how much you can lift and it’s really not all that important, what is important is that you get all your lifts in during the meet. Make sure you open on each event with a weight that you can do 5 reps with in the gym…A meet is different so you always want to err on the side of caution.